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With over 30 years of Miki Ihara’s experience, Surprise Enterprises has an extensive network of writers, editors, translators, illustrators,
scientists and engineers. To make sure your message is delivered the way to you intend, we assemble the best teams of top specialists in the fields of medicine, IT, science, airplanes, cars, trains, languages, fashion, gourmet food, travel, cosmetics, art, and more.
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Miki Ihara

Miki Ihara is an accomplished writer and intrepid traveler whose work has taken her to more than 1,500 cities in 107 countries. Her personal experiences as a divorced mother of two young children led her to write a series of articles for a popular Japanese magazine, which led to her first book, 'Nasty Game called Divorce' (published by Shueisha). Since then, Miki has become a sought-after essayist and translator, lending her unique perspective on topics such as love, marriage, and family to various media outlets but also helping tech companies develop marketing messages that more approachable and compassionate.

In addition to her writing pursuits, Miki is also the founder of Surprise Enterprises Ltd., a localization and editorial production company that specializes in producing  japanese marketing copy for overseas companies launching in Japan. Despite her busy schedule, Miki finds time for her passions, including sailing and aerobatics.

Through her life experiences, travels and writing, Miki Ihara has become a global voice for those who seek to gracefully navigate life's complexities and an advisor to companies who value their customers.
Director Chinese Language Services

Anri Matsuhashi 

Anri Matsuhashi is a seasoned professional with extensive experience in international business and public relations. After studying in Beijing, she spent almost a decade living and working in the Beijing branch of a Japanese general trading company. Upon returning to Japan, she led international bidding for railroad projects at the company's head office, including high-speed rail projects in China. Later, Anri joined a large manufacturing company where she oversaw export business and corporate communications for the Chinese, Korean, European, and American regions as the head of the marketing department.
Anri's expertise in multiple languages and her extensive experience in public relations and communication strategies has made her a respected leader in her field. Additionally, she holds a teacher's license in "Nagauta," a Japanese traditional classical art and Kabuki music, and regularly participates in annual recitals at the National Theater. Her knowledge of traditional Japanese music, Kabuki, monologue, and other classical music is extensive.
Anri's passion for storytelling has led her to publish a book in 2019 titled "Potato Flower," which explores the human national treasure and history of chanting. Beyond her professional pursuits, Anri enjoys hobbies such as wearing kimono and watching theater, particularly Chinese costume dramas.

About Us

We are a team of bilingual and published authors and editors who work for leading Japanese publications. We like to start by helping you create your Brand Localization Guidelines, complete with a style guide, tone of voice, and glossary. This ensures that from the very first stage of your market entry, your brand is communicated consistently. Because language changes, we update your Brand Localization Guidelines annually, adding fresh terms and tools as appropriate. 

Our knowledge of Japanese culture combined with our language expertise allows us to help you connect effectively with your target consumers. 

Manager Chinese Language Service

Yilin Fu

Ms. Fu is a highly accomplished individual who graduated with distinction from the Japanese Language Department at Shanghai Fudan University. She furthered her academic pursuits by earning an M.A. from the prestigious Graduate School of Japanese Literature at Waseda University. During her master's studies, Ms. Fu made a notable debut as a translator, embarking on a successful career in literary translation. Over the years, she has consistently published Chinese translations of acclaimed authors' novels, including works by Ogawa Yoko, Kakuta Mitsuyo, Abe Kobo, Tsutsui Yasutaka, Arikawa Hiroshi, Tanaka Yoshiki, and Yoshida Shuichi, and more.

In addition to her accomplishments in literary translation, Ms. Fu has made valuable contributions to NHK International Broadcasting Corporation for over 15 years. Within the corporation, she has excelled as a Chinese-Japanese translator and announcer. Demonstrating her versatility, Ms. Fu has also showcased her talents as a freelance narrator and copywriter, lending her expertise to advertising copy and promotional videos for prominent corporations such as All Nippon Airways, Mikimoto, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Hitachi, and Murata Manufacturing.

Ms. Fu's proficiency extends beyond translation and broadcasting. Her services have been sought after by esteemed institutions including the Kyoto National Museum, the Kyushu National Museum, and the Artizon Museum, where she adeptly translated exhibits, displaying her diverse range of abilities.Outside of her professional endeavors, Ms. Fu finds delight in exploring the captivating landscapes of Japan, having visited nearly all of the country's 47 prefectures. She also nurtures a deep passion for the world of musical theater.In her personal life, Ms. Fu shares her home with two beloved cats, each with their own distinct personalities.



We are delighted to introduce our accomplished illustrator, Shino, who has created the captivating animation featured on this website. With extensive experience as the head of magazine media at Suntory's advertising department, Shino has honed her skills as a freelance illustrator for magazines, books, web media, and tie-up advertisements.

One of her most noteworthy achievements is the invention of a unique animation style that blends illustrations with multiple application photo processing. Unlike traditional animations that are designed to showcase explanations and stories, Shino's work stands out for its ability to "bring pictures to life." Her moving illustrations are created quickly and leave a lasting impact, making them ideal for websites and social networking services. Moreover, she simultaneously creates original still images that can be used in print media as well.

Shino specializes in various art styles, including Izumi-style Kyogen, water skiing, and Paris. If you are interested in working with her, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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